Britain's Best Architects

If you have an important building project, large or small, and want to include some outstanding British architects in your short list, this is the place to start.

Our list of Britain's Best Architects is made up of those RIBA Chartered Practices which have since 2000 won three or more RIBA Awards for UK projects. The list has been updated to reflect the 2013 RIBA Awards.

There are currently only 78 such firms, out of more than 3,000 RIBA Chartered Architectural Practices in the UK. There is a page for each on this website.

We describe as Blockbusters those practices which have won at least ten RIBA Design Awards for UK projects since 2000. They are listed here.

Our selection of Britain's Best Architects is based on the RIBA Awards scheme. This is only one measure of design quality, but it is we believe a reasonably good one. It has been run continuously by the Royal Institute of British Architects since 1966, and is widely regarded as the 'gold standard' of contemporary British architecture.

To help you find Britain's Best Architects who have in the last ten years won an award relevant to your project, we have compiled separate lists for 28 building types. This produces for each building type a manageable number of firms for you to consider. Please click on the 28 lists below.

The list is not intended to be exclusive, and we would urge you also to consider for inclusion in your short list local firms and younger firms which may not be included in our list. The RIBA publishes a complete online directory of RIBA Chartered Practices here

Although this website is primarily intended as a service to clients, we hope it will be of value to everyone with an interest in modern British architecture. 


Britain's Best Architects listed by building type: Arts Centres, Botanical, Bridges, Car Parks, Civic Buildings, Community Centres, Conference Centres, Conservation, Further Education, Healthcare, Hotels, Housing, Industrial, Libraries, Mixed Use, Museums & Galleries, Offices, Private Houses, Public Art & Memorials, Religious, Retail, Schools, Sports, Theatres & Concert Halls, Transport, Universities, Urban Design, Visitor Centres.

Publisher: The Britain's Best Architects website is published by Extonet Ltd. It is edited by Dr Alex Reid, formerly Director General of the Royal Institute of British Architects.


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